7-Eleven shootings – live: Two dead, three injured in string of armed robberies at California convenience stores

A 7/11 location in New York

(Getty Images)

At least two people have died in a string of shootings during armed robberies at several 7/11 convenience store locations in Southern California. Police believe at least three of the shootings are connected.

The robberies occurred early Monday morning and coincided with the chain’s National 7/11 Day, during which customers are given a free Slurpee frozen drink.

One store clerk was shot and killed during a robbery in Brea around 4:18am PST. That clerk died at the scene.

A similar crime reportedly occurred almost an hour earlier, at 3:23am, at a 7/11 in Santa Ana. A man was found dead in the store’s parking lot. Police believe that individual was connected to a robbery at the location.

In La Habra, two other individuals were shot outside a 7/11, and another store was robbed in Riverside. A customer there was shot in the head and is currently in grave condition. There is no immediate indication that the customer did anything to try to intervene in the robbery.

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Brea Police Department asks for public help identifying 7/11 shooting suspect

The Brea police department has asked for the public’s help in identifying a shooter who killed an individual during an armed robbery at a local 7/11 convenience store.

That suspect is believed to have also robbed 7/11s in La Habra and Santa Ana, California. It is unclear if police are considering the individual a suspect in the shooting that occurred at a Riverside 7/11.

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Police believe at least two of the 7/11 shootings are related

Police in Brea, Santa Ana, and La Habra, California, believe the shootings at those 7/11 locations are connected.

Law enforcement has not said whether or not they believe the Riverside shooting is connected.

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7/11 issues statement responding to string of shootings

7/11 has issued a statement after several of its stores in southern California were robbed at gunpoint. At least two people were killed in the robberies and three others were injured.

“Our hearts are with the victims and their loved ones,” the company said in a statement. “We are gathering information on this terrible tragedy and working with local law enforcement.”

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Shooter in Riverside 7/11 robbery stole no money

The individual that robbed a Riverside, California 7/11 and shot a customer in the head reportedly stole random food items but did not steal any money from the store.

Police have not released details about the thefts at the other 7/11 locations.

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Brea police release security camera footage of suspect in 7/11 shooting

Police in Brea, California, released a photo of a suspect allegedly involved in a fatal shooting at a local 7/11. The shooting occurred during an armed robbery, and took place around the same time several other store locations were also robbed.

A suspect in an armed robbery at a Brea, California 7/11, which left a clerk dead. The robbery occurred around the same time that several other 7/11s in California were also robbed. A customer was shot and killed in one of those shootings, and two others were injured.

(Brea Police Department)

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String of shootings at California 7/11s leave two dead, three injured

A string of shootings at 7/11 convenience stores in Southern California has left two people dead and three others injured, according to local police reports.

All of the shootings occurred during armed robberies in the early hours of Monday morning.

The Independent’s Graeme Massie has more in his story below:

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