Car crashes into Massachusetts Apple store leaving one dead and 16 injured

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A car has crashed into an Apple store in the Boston suburb of Hingham, leading to the death of one person while at least 16 have been injured.

The 16 people were taken to area hospitals by ambulances after a Black SUV crashed into the store, Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz said during a press conference.

Mr Cruz said the driver was a man currently in the presence of police officers. He added that he was unable to say at this time if prosecutorial action will be taken.

Hingham Fire Chief Steve Murphy said that several people were pinned against the door at the back of the shop. He added that the structural integrity of the building is being evaluated but that there are no concerns at this time.

The four people in critical condition were taken to Boston for treatment, The Patriot Ledger reported.

Police have called for a tow truck to remove the vehicle which is lodged in the back wall of the shop, trapping people inside.

Several ambulances from departments some distance away from Hingham have been brought to the scene, as well as a medical helicopter.

The crash took place at a shopping centre on Derby Street. A bus from the MBTA has been put into use as triage.

Local police weren’t answering calls following the crash and they hadn’t posted any updates on social media or on their website, according to The Patriot Ledger.

As of 11.49am, the South Shore Hospital wasn’t taking on any further patients, police radio communications revealed, the local outlet reported.

The glass wall of the store had a large hole in it, footage from the scene shows.

Following the crash, several people were laying on the ground just outside the store as they were being taken care of by first responders.

“My wife is at Derby Street in Hingham, a black 4Runner drove full speed into the Apple store,” one man posted on Twitter. “She said there are a lot of injuries −my wife used a spare jacket as a tourniquet.”

“It sounded like an explosion,” one witness said, according to WCVB. “It was so loud.”

One person at the scene told the local TV station that the driver was bloody but alive when they were removed from the SUV by emergency workers.

“You’d have to really be picking up speed to end up in the storage area at the back side of the Apple store,” Frank O’Brien, who was shopping in the area at the time of the incident, told WCVB.

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