Development is revving up on a reimagining of Easy Rider

It’s the news everyone has been waiting for; a reimagining of the seminal 1969 classic Easy Rider is in development. 

According to Variety a consortium of stakeholders and producers own the adaptation rights to the project originally released by Columbia Pictures, and that they’re currently searching for writers and directors who can update the project for modern times with the hope of creating something that works in a similar way to how Creed honoured the Rocky franchise. 

An American counterculture classic Easy Rider tells the story of two young bikers who complete a drug deal and use their earnings to finance a trip from Los Angeles to New Orleans in search of the ‘American Dream’. Their journey takes them deep into the heart of the United States; a nation wrought with violence and prejudice during the collapse of the free-spirited society that was the 1960’s.

Written by Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda and Terry Southern, with the late Hopper also directing the film, the $400,000 budgeted movie went on to gross $60 million at the worldwide box office, and made an indelible imprint on generations of filmmakers who would follow in the dust trail of their iconic Harley-Davidson motorcycles. 

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