Donald Trump news today: FBI found foreign nation’s nuclear secrets at Mar-a-Lago, report says

Bill Barr tears apart Trump’s secret papers defence saying DoJ was being ‘jerked around’

FBI agents found a document describing a foreign government’s military defenses, including its nuclear capabilities, when they searched Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate last month, The Washington Post reported on Tuesday night.

The revelation severely undercuts Mr Trump’s defence that the documents are harmless or meant for a future presidential library or other projects.

Earlier Former Attorney General Bill Barr believes Judge Aileen Cannon’s ruling on having a special master review the classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago was wrong, deeply flawed, and should be appealed by the government.

Mr Barr told Fox News there is a case against Donald Trump regardless of the content of the documents, based on their presence in his residence because they were subpoenaed but not received, and therefore the government was deceived before the FBI search uncovered them.

The former president was seen to have achieved a minor legal victory through the judge’s ruling, though Mr Barr believes it will just delay the investigation.

Meanwhile, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told CBS News that she believes Mr Trump led and encouraged a criminal seditious conspiracy against the US, contrasting her response to losing the 2016 election to his 2020 loss.

In a series of tweets, Secretary Clinton also laid out the differences between her alleged email controversy and the scandal engulfing the former president, denying there was any comparison as she had been found to have no classified documents. “Zero,” she said, underlining the point.

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Video shows fake elector taking Trump operatives to Georgia county elections office

A new video shows a Republican official in Georgia who was part of the scheme to send fake electors to overturn the 2020 election results escorting two operatives working for former president Donald Trump’s attorney into the county’s election offices on the same day the voting system was breached, CNN reports.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is now looking into the breach and it has become a point of interest for the Fulton County District Attorney’s probe into the Trump campaign’s interference in the 2020 election results.

The video shows Cathy Latham, the former chairwoman of the Coffee County Republican Party, escorting a team of operatives into the county’s elections office on 7 January 2021, the same day that a voting system was known to be breached.

Eric Garcia has the story.

Oliver O’Connell7 September 2022 06:00


Analysis: Trump picked a fight with the National Archives. It may be the end of him

It seems apparent that Donald Trump, a man who spent much of his political life trampling over institutions and norms, underestimated the archivists and their mission. His alleged mishandling of government records now represents the greatest legal threat he faces and potentially the end of his political career.

Oliver O’Connell7 September 2022 05:15


FBI Mar-a-Lago search uncovered Trump’s medical records and accounts, judge says in ruling

Among documents uncovered during the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago in early August were non-governmental records relating to Donald Trump’s health and accounts, according to US District Court Judge Aileen Cannon’s ruling on the appointment of a “special master”.

She wrote that among the government records seized by the FBI, agents found some of Mr Trump’s “medical documents, correspondence related to taxes, and accounting information”.

Oliver O’Connell7 September 2022 04:30


White House press secretary calls Fox News reporter’s question ‘ridiculous’

Fox News’s Peter Doocy joined the list of conservatives taking issue with Joe Biden calling out Donald Trump and the ongoing threat that his efforts to spread conspiracies and lies about the 2020 election on Tuesday.

Doocy once again sparred with Mr Biden’s press team at the White House’s daily news briefing, hosted on Tuesday by press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

John Bowden has the story.

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Trump once again demands to be reinstated as president

Donald Trump complained again on Monday that the 2020 election should be overturned in a Truth Social post which clearly depicted a candidate unused to the prospect of his own defeat.

Nearly two years after he was defeated by Joe Biden and stopped from running the White House for another four years, Mr Trump is still adamant that he should be ushered into the presidency.

Oliver O’Connell7 September 2022 03:45


Bill Barr says DoJ should appeal ‘wrong’ special master ruling on Trump documents

Donald Trump’s former attorney general says the recent ruling to appoint an outside arbiter for the documents in the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago investigation won’t get the former president out of legal jeopardy.

“I don’t think the appointment of the special master is going to hold up, but even if it does, I don’t see it fundamentally changing the trajectory,” Bill Barr told Fox News on Tuesday.

Josh Marcus has all the details.

Graeme Massie7 September 2022 03:24


After Palin asks Begich to drop out of Alaska race, he declines

Alaska US House candidate Sarah Palin called on fellow Republican Nick Begich to drop out of the race Monday, holding a news conference in the same place where on a holiday weekend more than a decade ago she announced plans to resign as Alaska’s governor.

“He keeps calling me a quitter,” she told reporters, adding later: “And now he wants me, the one who is clearly the only true conservative in this race who can win, he wants me to quit! Now that’s the real joke. Sorry, Nick. I never retreat, I reload.”

Oliver O’Connell7 September 2022 03:00


Oath Keepers founder fires attorneys and demands Jan 6 committee transcripts ahead of trial

Less than a week after the Oath Keepers’ counsel was arrested and charged in connection with the attack on the US Capitol, the founder of the far-right anti-government militia has “relieved and terminated” his attorneys and asked to delay his trial on seditious conspiracy charges.

Alex Woodward has the story.

Graeme Massie7 September 2022 02:42


Massachusetts Republican voters size up Trump loyalist for Governor

Massachusetts Republicans are weighing which candidate has the best chance of keeping the governor’s office in GOP hands as they vote in Tuesday’s primary: a former state lawmaker endorsed by Donald Trump or a political newcomer who’s cast himself as the more moderate choice.

Geoff Diehl and Chris Doughty are vying for the chance to replace incumbent Republican Gov. Charlie Baker, who’s opted not to seek a third term.

Oliver O’Connell7 September 2022 02:15


Dr Oz told radio show incest ‘not a big problem’ as long as ‘more than a first cousin away’

Dr Mehmet Oz raised eyebrows by suggesting in a newly unearthed radio interview that incest was “not a big problem” as long as “you’re more than a first cousin away.”

The candidate for Pennsylvania’s US Senate seat also told The Breakfast Club show in February 2014 that girls don’t want to have sex with their fathers because of pheromones.

Graeme Massie7 September 2022 01:55

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