Double tragedy for family as girl, three, wakes up at her own funeral before dying hours later

A three-year-old Mexican girl woke up during her own funeral before dying hours later at a hospital, her family claims.

Little Camila Paralta was first pronounced dead around 9pm on 17 August at a hospital in San Luis Potosí. Her family had brought her in because she had been feverish and vomiting, and were told that she had died due to dehydration, El Universal reported.

But during a funeral service the day later, Camila’s mom, Mary Peralta, noticed that her daughter was breathing inside the coffin, she said. The little girl was rushed to the hospital again, where she was declared dead, this time due to brain swelling, according to El Universal.

Ms Peralta told the outlet that she was ordered out of the room the first time her daughter was pronounced dead.

The grieving mother said she was told by medical staff to let Camila “rest in peace,” before being rushed outside She has since demanded an investigation into the incident.

Ms Peralta told El Universal that there were delays in treatment after she took Camila to the hospital but that staff eventually gave her IV fluids to treat her dehydration.

“Ten minutes later she wasn’t connected to the ECG machine. I took my baby and she hugged me, I felt her strength,” Ms Peralta told the outlet. “They took her away from me and told me, “Let her rest in peace.”’

The mother said that she called the ambulance during the funeral and Camila still had a pulse. She was given CPR at the hospital but was pronounced dead for a second time shortly after.

“We are heartbroken because my little girl was so happy …” Ms Peralta told El Universal. “She used to tell me, ‘Mom, I want to go to school’ … she already wanted to start pre-K.”

Local authorities have vowed to open an investigation into the circumstances around Camila’s death.

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