Draculina returns for Blood Simple in February 2023

Vampirella’s devilish sister Draculina is set to make her return in February 2023 as writer Christopher Priest and artist Michael Sta. Maria reunite for Draculina: Blood Simple.

“It has been an incredible experience working alongside Christopher Priest as he leads the Vampirella franchise into expansive new territory with each issue he writes,” said Nick Barrucci, Dynamite CEO and Publisher. “His critically acclaimed kickoff of her 50th anniversary in 2019 was just the beginning, as he’s expanded so much with Sacred Six, Unholy, Draculina, Year One, and more such as laying the groundwork for Nyx. He just wasn’t quite done with his ideas for everyone’s favorite black-costumed sister, so we can’t wait for fans to bite into this story!”

“Michael Sta. Maria and I have created an entirely new world apart from the Vampirella franchise titles and I’m really pleased that the success of our first run will enable us to further explore this literal family from hell!,” added writer Christopher Priest. “Draculina and Katie, her literal better half, return with a plus one, a cantankerous, cigar-chomping sea creature with his own agenda (and his own tail!). I’m very excited the gang’s all here, back for a second round with Michael and Ivan, as we further explore our West Coast ‘bad girl’ twist on Vampirella (Draculina) as she struggles to come to terms with her own inner demons.”

Just as Draculina, Vampirella’s evil sister, has begun to acquire a grudging acceptance of Vampirette (her preteen alter-ego otherwise known as Katie), another sibling appears. This mysterious new character is drawn out by the reemergence of the demon Belial, who fathered a legion of demons with Vampirella’s mother Lilith. Levi (short for “Leviathan”) is a powerful half-sea creature with his father’s temper and his sister’s sense of evil mischief – and like Draculina, he wants Belial dead!

Vampirette has fully embraced the demon Belial, who is now retired and living quietly in Beverly Hills, as her beloved “Uncle Gio.” The siblings Draculina and Levi’s provocations threaten to reignite Belial’s evil fury, to the delight of their mother Lilith, whom Belial saved from certain death but whom she nonetheless despises. Lilith further stirs the cauldron by engineering a confrontation between Draculina and her new protégé, Victory, the new Draculina, which inevitably draws Vampirella into this sprawling family squabble as well! Set the table and warm up the oven for the family reunion from hell and one of the most expansive rosters in any Vampirella title ever!

Draculina: Blood Simple #1 will go on sale in February 2023.


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