England fans cheer 3-0 win but heartbreak for Wales as World Cup dream ends

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England fans were in celebratory mood on Tuesday night after the team’s 3-0 victory that sent Wales crashing out of the World Cup.

Drinks were thrown in the air in pubs and fan parks after two goals from Marcus Rashford and another from Phil Foden.

There was a carnival atmosphere outside the Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium in Qatar ahead of kick-off, with both sides exchanging chants.

But at the end of the game Wales fans were seen leaving viewing areas in Swansea, with others holding their heads in their hands.

Fans watrch the game at the Depot Mayfield in Manchester


England will now face Senegal in the knockout stage of the competition on Sunday, after topping their group.

Scott Kind, 49, who lives in Qatar, said it was a “brilliant result” and he was pleased to see players in the England squad get time on the pitch.

Asked if he had seen what he wanted to see, he said: “Second half yep, they need to be quicker moving the ball around, but it was good.”

On England’s hopes for the rest of the tournament, Mr Kind said: “Decent draw second round and we’ll see – I don’t want to jinx it.”

Wales fan Huw Phillips, 54, from Carmarthen, said they “held their own” in the first half but were “under the cosh” in the second, adding: “The dream is over but the boys have done well. I’m very proud, never been prouder.”

A dejected Wales fan at the Budweiser Fan Festival London at Outernet


Mr Phillips said he has “thoroughly enjoyed” the trip to Qatar, adding: “I’m so glad I came because I’d ummed and ahhed.”

Before the game, the Prince and Princess of Wales posted on Twitter to say “Here we go… may the best team win!” in English and Welsh.

Sports minister Stuart Andrew was pictured inside the stadium wearing the One Love anti-discrimination armband.

The Conservative frontbencher, who is gay, said it was “really unfair” that football’s governing body prevented the captains of England and Wales wearing the armband at the 11th hour.

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