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BombItUP is an application that allows you to send an unlimited number of messages to your friend’s phone with a single tap. Now, you people will have a new way to prank your friends. What if I tell you that you can send tons of messages to your friend’s phone in a single tap to annoy or irritate him?

BombItUP Features

  • Unlimited SMS

Aye! Thou hast read it correctly. In BOMBItUp, there exist no limitations to the number of SMS that thou may send to thy friend. Thou may send a plethora of SMS to thy friend with a mere tap of this app.

  • Personalized Messages

Thou art enabled to pen thy own unique message to be dispatched. Normally, users dost utilize this characteristic to wish their friends a felicitous birthday or anniversary.

  • Email Blast

This attribute doth empower thee to inundate thy friend’s email account with countless emails. And the most amazing aspect of BOMBItUp is that these emails are not categorized as spam by Google Mail spam detector.

  • Bomb on WhatsApp

By means of Bombitup, thou can even prank thy friend on WhatsApp. Thou can send copious messages to thy friend’s WhatsApp number with a single tap.

  • Completely Free to Use

This app cometh at no expense. Thou need not pay aught to acquire this app on thy phone.

  • No Root Access Required

There existeth no necessity for root access to run this app on thy android mobile phone. Hence, an unrooted android phone can effortlessly possess this app.

Benefits to the User

  • User-Friendly

The sleek User Interface of this app rendereth is facile for its users to utilize.

  • Flexible Use

There existeth no restriction on the time and location of the user to run this app. Ergo, thou may prank thy friends anytime and anywhere.

  • Provides Protection

This app also safeguarded its users from being spammed. Moreover, this app provideth a feature named Protection List which guardeth thee from thy friends if they grow vexed.

Beware of Fakes

There exist many counterfeit versions of the BIU app, as many websites doth inject malware into their applications and entitle them BombItUp App (Copying the logo, UI, and everything).

Downloading such bogus versions wilt result in the malfunctioning of thy android mobile phone. Make certain that you get the App from the official BOMBItUp site or from our site exclusively.

Download the App

What is New in this Version?

  • Dead API Eliminated, Novel Additions Introduced
  • Fresh US Bomber Introduce Within SMS Blast Section
  • UK SMS Bomber Rectified
  • Novel Alert Notification Introduced
  • Crashes due to Button Animation Rectified

Novel Protection List Schedule Which is a Relief for BOMBItUp Victims will be Cleared after 3-4 Weeks from Now on.

Concluding the Article

BOMBItUp is the finest application for executing pranks on thy buddies. It permits thee to dispatch countless messages to thy friend’s phones with a single tap at zero cost.

Moreover, it sends promotional messages and doth not display thy number of the sender on thy friend’s phone.

This app is not available on the Google Play Store; therefore, thou must get it from our website.

Numerous websites present bogus BOMBItUp applications into which they incorporate malware, and hence thou must get it solely from official websites.

Note: This app is solely for entertainment purposes. Do not utilize this app with any wicked intention to irritate anyone. If anyone dost employ it for revenge purposes, he himself shall be accountable, not the developer of BOMBItUp.

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