Horror anthology series The Fridge is Red arriving September

TinyBuild and developer 5WORD Team have revealed a release date of 27th September for their PC only first-person horror anthology series The Fridge is Red.  With its retro inspired graphics, The Fridge is Red takes players through a terrifying story as an ordinary man trying to make an honest living.  Watch the new trailer below….

This six episode long anthology series follows every everyman Frank as he takes on a side job of fixing people’s household appliances.  When a client drops off a strange red fridge, Frank is completely at a loss of how to fix it and so places it in his basement unaware that it is exuding an evil, oddly life-like energy.  It’s up to players to help Frank defeat the evil that confronts him through a number of locations and unravel the mystery of the red fridge.

Throughout the series players will guide Frank through twisted and corrupted locations, such as abandoned hospital hallways, a cemetery, a quiet remote highway and a lift that leads into the depths of Hell itself.  There’s a wealth of evil entities out to get Frank, including vengeful spirits, nightmarish monsters and unfathomable creatures.

With The Fridge is Red enjoy a horror with modern gameplay mechanics and a Playstation 1 aesthetic.  Take in the shuddering 3D models and pixelated, muted textures as you encounter scare after scare while accompanied by an eerie and ominous soundtrack.

“With all the positive feedback we’ve received from audiences, we are motivated now more than ever to fully realise The Fridge is Red,” said Artem Kudriashov, lead designer, 5WORD Team. “We will continue to polish and finely tune this new entry in the horror genre to bring a new mysterious twist to players looking for a thriller experience.”

Look out for The Fridge is Red arriving on Steam for PC on 27th September.


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