Jake Paul vows to ‘end’ Hasim Rahman Jr’s ‘family legacy’

Jake Paul and Hasim Rahman Jr traded heated words at a pre-fight press conference on Tuesday, three weeks before the pair box one another at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

YouTube star Paul is 5-0 as a professional boxer and has knocked out each man he has faced, including former UFC champion Tyron Woodley. Meanwhile, Rahman Jr is an ex-sparring partner of Paul and son of former heavyweight boxing champion Hasim Rahman, who knocked out Lennox Lewis in 2001.

Rahman Jr, 31, is set to step in to fight 25-year-old Paul on 6 August, after Tommy Fury withdrew from his scheduled clash with the YouTuber. Fury, half-brother of heavyweight champion Tyson, also pulled out of a December bout against Paul.

Paul and Rahman Jr antagonised one another at Tuesday’s press conference, with the latter asking: “Did you put the footage out when you ran away from me in the ring? You turned back around. Why didn’t you put that out, content creator?

“You ain’t fought no boxers and this will be your first loss. I will be using both hands; I only used one hand when I sparred you. He can’t even spar nobody with one hand, he’s not at that level. I promise you he turned his back and ran from me.”

Paul retaliated by addressing Hasim Rahman, who was sat next to his son.

“It’s me versus your son,” Paul said. “He thinks he’s you, that’s his biggest mistake. I’m ending that whole legacy your family has got. It’s over with.

“He’s gonna get beat up by a singer, a sea shell collector, I’m a Disney boy – I’m all of these things. You [Rahman Jr] sound stupid, I’ve knocked out everyone I’ve fought. You’re another name on the list, a pawn.

“People say: ‘Take on a real boxer.’ Here we go, I’m proving to the kids out there that if you set your mind to something then you will win.

“Let’s make a bet right now. When I beat you, you have to change your Instagram name to ‘I let my dad down’. We already have the handle. When I beat you, change your handle; if I lose, you decide what I change mine to.”

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