Jan 6 hearings latest news: Trump reported to Department of Justice for phoning witness, Liz Cheney reveals

Cheney reveals Trump reported to Department of Justice for calling Jan 6 committee witness

The seventh January 6 committee hearing has concluded having hearing detailed an “unhinged” White House meeting about election fraud and a “call to arms” to Donald Trump’s supporters first by a tweet that galvanised dangerous extremists, and then in the president’s speech at the Ellipse on the morning of the Capitol riot that directed the crowd to march on the Capitol.

In addition to pre-recorded testimony, including the first clips of the panel’s interview with former White House counsel Pat Cipollone, the hearing also included in-person testimony from a Capitol riot defendant and a former member of the Oath Keepers.

Not-before-seen text messages were also shown from Brad Parscale, Mr Trump’s former campaign manager, to Katrina Pierson, a former spokesperson, which showed Mr Parscale put the blame for the violence on his former boss.

“A sitting president asking for civil war. This week I feel guilty for helping him win,” Mr Parscale wrote.

In a bombshell moment at the close of proceedings, Rep Liz Cheney revealed that the former president has been reported to the Department of Justice for alleged witness tampering.

An eighth hearing will take place next week.

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Draft tweet and secret far right messages reveal Trump had plan to march Jan 6 crowd to Capitol

President Donald Trump planned secretly days before January 6 to lead his supporters from the Ellipse outside of the White House down to the US Capitol, where he hoped to deliver remarks outside of the building.

Mr Trump’s plans were revealed on Tuesday for the first time by the January 6 committee, whose members obtained private text messages between White House officials and far-right figures, including MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, as well as a draft tweet which Mr Trump apparently planned to send days before his supporters arrived at the Capitol.

Together, the messages outline what Rep Stephanie Murphy referred to as a “deliberate strategy” to concentrate Mr Trump’s supporters at the Capitol as the Electoral College results were being certified.

John Bowden reports from Capitol Hill.

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Far-right planned ‘Red Wedding’ in wild protests after Trump tweet

The House select committee investigating the Capitol riot on January 6 played video footage showing that many far-right commentators promoted plans for a protest on the day of the insurrection, after former president Donald Trump said it would be “wild”.

Eric Garcia sat in on the hearing.

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Photo shows Rudy Giuliani being escorted from White House after ‘unhinged’ meeting

A top aide to Mark Meadows has shared with the January 6 committee a photo of her then-boss escorting Rudy Giuliani out of the White House after a contentious meeting with Donald Trump and West Wing officials.

The photo was part of accounts from Ms Hutchinson and others about an explosive meeting in the Oval Office and around the White House on 18 December, 2021, during which Mr Giuliani and Sidney Powell attempted along with Gen Mike Flynn to convince Mr Trump to seize voting machines and take his plans to overturn the election even further.

John Bowden has the story.

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Twitter considered stricter rules after Trump’s ‘stand by’ message to Proud Boys

Twitter considered stricter moderation policies after Donald Trump told the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by”, but the company chose not to act, an employee has told the January 6 committee.

Maryland Democrat Jamie Raskin said that the committee “interviewed a former Twitter employee who explained the effects that Trump had on the Twitter platform”.

Gustaf Klander reports on what was revealed at today’s hearing.

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Cipollone thought Trump should have conceded after Electoral College certification

Former White House Counsel Pat Cipollone told the January 6 House Select Committee that he thought Donald Trump should have conceded after the Electoral College certification on 14 December 2020.

Mr Cipollone appeared in front of committee investigators last week for the first time, and clips from his testimony were shared by the committee during its hearing on Tuesday afternoon.

The former White House counsel told the committee that he agreed that there was no evidence of fraud sufficient to overturn the results of the election as early as 1 December 2020.

Gustaf Kilander has the story.

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Ivanka and Scalia’s son urged Trump to give up on election

The House select committee played video testimony from multiple former Trump administration officials – including late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s son and former president Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka – who urged him to concede, but were ignored.

The select committee convened on Tuesday afternoon and showed that multiple officials within the Trump administration urged the former president to concede the election after the Electoral College vote in their respective states on 14 December.

Eric Garcia was at today’s hearing.

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Unreasonable and childish: Cheney opens Jan 6 hearing with blistering take down of ‘grown man’ Trump

The GOP vice chair of the January 6 committee unloaded on Donald Trump and his remaining defenders at the outset of Tuesday’s hearing, excoriating the ex-president’s allies for explaining away the president’s responsibility.

In her opening remarks, Rep Liz Cheney insisted that “no rational or sane man in his position” could come to the conclusion that the election was stolen, given the onslaught of evidence to the contrary. She accused him of pushing forward with his scheme to overturn the election anyway.

And she dismantled the idea that Mr Trump was hoodwinked by his closest advisers like Rudy Giuliani, the ex-New York City mayor who led his legal efforts after the 2020 election.

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Navarro accuses Pence of ‘treason’ for not helping overturn 2020 election

Former White House trade adviser Peter Navarro on Monday accused former vice president Mike Pence of having committed “treason” against former president Donald Trump by following the advice of his White House lawyers and other legal experts who said he had no ability to throw out electoral votes from swing states won by Joe Biden.

Mr Navarro, who is currently under indictment on two charges of contempt of Congress for disregarding a subpoena for documents and testimony issued by the House January 6 select committee, made the incendiary and bizarre comments during an appearance on Newsmax.

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ICYMI: Raskin says ex-White House lawyer corroborated virtually everything

A member of the House select committee investigating the January 6 Capitol riot said that former White House counsel Pat Cipollone corroborated former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony last month almost entirely.

Representative Jamie Raskin of Maryland told NBC News that Mr Cipollone corroborated the testimony of all previous witnesses when he testified before the select committee last week.

Eric Garcia reported ahead of Tuesday’s hearing.

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