Lisa Gerrard & Marcello De Francisci Debut Bold New Song And Video “When The Light Of Morning Comes”

Golden Globe winner Lisa Gerrard and Argentinian producer Marcello De Francisci, have shared a new single titled “When The Light Of Morning Comes.” Featuring a very cinematographic music video, that is tastefully shot with many beautiful scenes ranging from Lisa dancing in different poses to gorgeous landscape shots of scenic countrysides and waterfront, and quite the elegant and emotional classical symphony sound, paired with Gerrard’s angelic voice.

Lisa Gerrard is famous for her stunning vocals included in many movies, including her most famous appearance Gladiator and many of her solo works. In her first solo album, The Mirror Pool her beautiful voice was accompanied by the Victorian Philharmonic Orchestra for over an hour of uninterrupted serenity.

This single comes from their new album that is due to release on the 26th of August titled Exaudia. The single comes just a little bit over a month after their previous single  “Until We Meet Again.” Marcello De Francisci has worked with Gerrard on multiple occasions and is known for his work on the composition of the award-winning God of War released for the Playstation 2, with its stunning soundtrack. He has composed for well over 40 movies in total.

Their new single “When The Light Of Morning Comes,” has already amassed over eight thousand views on youtube and is still racking up more by the hour. For fans of Gerrard’s choir like voice and Francisci’s exquisite composition, they should be on the lookout for this upcoming album.


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