Mandy Moore joins Peacock’s Dr. Death for season 2

This Is Us star Mandy Moore has joined the second season of Peacock’s crime thriller anthology Dr. Death, where she’ll star alongside Edgar Ramirez (American Crime Story).

Dr. Death is based on the Wondery true crime podcast that explores cases involving doctors who were guilty of severe malpractice and harm to their patients. The second season of the TV series will be based on the true story of Paolo Macchiarini, known in the medical community as the Miracle Man, which was explored in the most recent installment of the podcast.

Moore will portray Benita Alexander, “an investigative journalist who falls into a whirlwind romance with celebrated surgeon Paolo Macchiarini only to uncover more about him than she could have ever imagined.”

Ramirez will play Macchiarini, “a visionary surgeon whose innovative organ transplants seduced the global medical community. When his fiancé, Benita, and a few suspicious colleagues launch investigations into his botched surgeries, cracks start to appear in Paolo’s charming persona.”

The synopsis for the upcoming season of Dr. Death reads:

In Season 2, Paolo Macchiarini is a charming surgeon, renowned for his innovative operations that earn him the nickname ‘Miracle Man’. When investigative journalist Benita Alexander approaches him for a story, the line between personal and professional begins to blur, changing her life forever. As she learns how far Paolo will go to protect his secrets, a group of doctors halfway across the world makes shocking discoveries of their own that call everything about the ‘Miracle Man’ into question.”

Season 2 will be directed by Jennifer Morrison (Once Upon A Time) and Laura Belsey (The Walking Dead). Executive producing the series is Patrick Macmanus, Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal, Steve Tisch, Taylor Latham, Aaron Hart, Hernan Lopez, Marshall Lewy and Linda Gase.

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