Marjorie Taylor Greene debate – latest: Far-Right Republican faces off against Democratic challenger in Georgia

Joe Biden responds to question on Herschel Walker aboprtion scandal

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake won’t say whether she’ll respect the rightful results of the midterm elections.

It comes as polls show her within one percentage point of Katie Hobbs, the Democratic nominee, in a race to determine who will lead a state that was front and centre in Donald Trump’s 2020 efforts to overturn the election.

She appeared Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union, where she had a contentious interview about the issue with Dana Bash.

Elsewhere, Marjorie Taylor Greene is preparing to defend her seat in a debate Sunday evening against Marcus Flowers, the Democrat running against her.

The race has turned into one of the most expensive of the 2022 cycle as Democrats hope Ms Greene’s scandals and rhetoric often detached from reality will come back to bite her.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene favoured to win Georgia House election

Marjorie Taylor Greene heads in to tonight’s debate against Marcus Flowers with the knowledge that Democrats have an uphill battle to unseat her.

Polling of the deep-red House district is sparse, but one clue to how the district will vote can be found in primary vote totals. More than three times as many people voted for Ms Greene in the GOP primary than voted for Mr Flowers in the Democratic race.

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John Bowden16 October 2022 22:16


The best and worst midterm campaign videos ahead of November’s midterms

“I believe in Jesus, guns and babies.”

The 2022 midterms are down to their final stretch and many races are neck-and-neck. That means campaigns are desperate, and pulling out all the stops to win.

The result has been some of the most entertaining — and downright weird — political advertising in recent memory.

Take a look, with The Independent:

John Bowden16 October 2022 20:32


Obama to campaign in Wisconsin for Democratic Senate candidate trailing in the polls

Former president Barack Obama is heading to Wisconsin later this month to back the faltering campaign of Democratic Senate hopeful Mandela Barnes as Democrats look to oust one of the Senate’s most vocal pro-Trump Republicans.

Mr Barnes, currently lieutenant governor, is facing off against Republican incumbent Ron Johnson, who is seeking a third term.

John Bowden16 October 2022 19:31


Reporter corrects Dr Oz live on air as he makes false claim about Fetterman’s first wish for America

Dr Mehmet Oz was corrected live during an interview after he made false claims that his opponent John Fetterman wanted to end life imprisonment as his first political priority.

The moment came during a conversation with NBC’s Dasha Burns, who interviewed Mr Fetterman last week.

John Bowden16 October 2022 19:00


New poll: Democrats lead Republicans on generic ballot, trail among likely voters

A new poll from Fox News shows that more Americans want Democrats to control both houses of Congress after the midterm elections next month, while the GOP holds a slight advantage among those who actually say they are likely to vote.

It’s a troubling sign for Democrats who are playing defense and attempting to hold slim majorities in both chambers.

John Bowden16 October 2022 17:30


Pro-Trump election denier Kari Lake refuses to say she’ll accept result of her own Arizona race if she loses

Former reporter Kari Lake was on CNN this Sunday facing questions from Dana Bash when she dodged multiple inquiries regarding whether she would accept the result of the election if she lost.

It’s an important question given Ms Lake’s refusal to accept the results of the 2020 election and her frequent mention of that view on the campaign trail — but the Republican candidate was furious with Bash for bringing it up over other issues like the economy or immigration.

“You want to have me on here and talk 2020 election, and you’re the one who accuses me of constantly talking about it?” she asked Ms Bash.

Read more from The Independent’s John Bowden:

John Bowden16 October 2022 17:00


Marjorie Taylor Greene prepares for Georgia debate

Incumbent Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene will face off Sunday evening against Marcus Flowers, a Democrat.

The district, located northwest of Atlanta, has become one of the most expensive House races in the country. Ms Greene, a vocal supporter of a wide range of conspiracy theories, is favoured to win the seat again but is weighed down by some of her past statements which have become ammunition for Democrats.

The debate will be held live at 5:30 p.m. est. Follow The Independent for live updates.

John Bowden16 October 2022 16:32


ICYMI: Can Marie Perez defeat Trump-backed Joe Kent in rural Washington state?

Democrat Marie Perez says her campaign to defeat Joe Kent, a hardline conservative backed by Donald Trump, is running on “jet fuel”.

She says the scrapping of Roe by the Supreme Court has led to a surge in support for her campaign, especially among women and young people.

And she suggests Trump’s efforts to punish and oust the 10 Republican members of Congress who voted to impeach him may very well back fire.

Andrew Buncombe reports from Vancouver, Washington.

Graeme Massie16 October 2022 13:02


ICYMI: Could a GOP candidate become governor in liberal Oregon?

Oregon is typically known as a bastion of West Coast liberalism, where Democrats are easily elected and a Republican hasn’t served as governor since the early 1980s.

But with an unusually competitive three-way contest for governor, the Democratic candidate’s success is hardly a guarantee this year. As mail-in ballots become available to voters next week, Oregon is becoming the unlikely site of one of the most competitive governor’s races in the country.

Graeme Massie16 October 2022 12:05


Watch: Herschel Walker scolded by debate moderator for prop badge

Graeme Massie16 October 2022 10:00

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