Marjorie Taylor Greene ridiculed for cooking photos: ‘I honestly had to keep looking’

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Having been given back the use of her personal Twitter account under the new Elon Musk regime, extremist Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is being ridiculed over a round of culinary social media posts.

First up was an Instagram post of the congresswoman with a decidedly pale Thanksgiving turkey, which promptly set her Twitter critics to work. “This turkey is so white and unseasoned that it tried to overthrow the government,” wrote one.

Then at the weekend came a grisly tweet showing what appeared to be a roasted or barbecued animal leg, accompanied by a message from the congresswoman extolling her son’s hunting prowess.

“I am so proud of my son, Derek,” she wrote. “At 19 yrs old, he is capable of so much because he knows how to hunt responsibly, work, and solve problems.

“As his Mom, I love cooking the food that he provides and I’m grateful for his skill to bring down an animal in one shot…

“It’s important to know how to survive & history should teach you that. It’s also important to raise your boys to be men. We need real men.”

However, whatever meat it was, it appeared heavily overcooked, leading many users to suggest she was using the borderline charred, rugged, masculine joint to overcompensate for her pallid Thanksgiving effort.

Ms Greene’s riff on the link between hunting and masculinity chimes with the general discourse on gender emanating from her faction of the hardcore right, many of whom combine outright transphobia with a claim that “traditional” American masculinity is being attacked and undermined by a “woke” left-wing conspiracy.

The masculine virtue of killing animals and consuming red meat has long been a trope of this particular worldview. Fox News and other right-wing outlets have previously reported on the increased consumption of vegetarian burgers under the banner of a “war on meat”, while certain far-right groups with a hardcore cultural agenda have also made meat-centric diets into a badge of white patriotic honour.

Ms Greene was banned from tweeting in a personal capacity after repeatedly sharing misinformation about Covid-19, and was only unbanned in recent weeks as part of Mr Musk’s move to reopen what he hopes to be a “public square” for the free exchange of ideas.

The tech billionaire’s takeover of the platform has been a disaster, with scores of employees laid off in chaotic circumstances and new features rolled out before being quickly abandoned. Many of Mr Musk’s public interactions on the platform of late have been with far-right users and trolls.

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