Marvel producer explains why Armor Wars is now a movie

Having been notable by its absence during Marvel Studios’ big Phase Five slate unveiling during this summer’s San Diego Comic-Con International, it was revealed by in September that the planned Disney+ series Armor Wars is being redeveloped as a feature film, and now Marvel producer Nate Moore has opened up about the reasoning behind the decision.

The project will see Don Cheadle returning as James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes post-Secret Invasion and will revolve around a plot where Tony Stark’s tech falls into the wrong hands.

Initially planned as a six-episode Disney+ series, Moore has revealed to The Town Podcast that the project simply grew too big in scale for the small screen.

“There were some great ideas that were coming out for that show, but that, to be quite honest, felt too big for that show,” said Moore. “Our Disney+ shows are awesome, and we love them, but the budgets are not the same as the features, that’s not secret. When you’re talking about a show that wants to be about seeing all the cool armors, and Don Cheadle interacting with all these armors, and the legacy of Tony Stark, that became cost-prohibitive to do as a show.”

Armor Wars is being written by Yassir Lester (Black Monday) and will see Don Cheadle back as Rhodey alongside Ant-Man and the Wasp’s Walton Goggins, who reprises the role of black market tech dealer Sonny Burch.

It is currently without a release date but will presumably arrive as part of Marvel’s Phase Six slate leading into Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars. 

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