Midterm election results live: Pelosi says GOP reaction to attack may have helped Democrats, as key counts continue

Nancy Pelosi says Republicans’ reaction to attack on her husband was ‘disgraceful’

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Nancy Pelosi says the brutal hammer attack on her husband, and the often cruel Republican reaction to it may have helped Democrats in the midterm elections.

“It wasn’t just the attack,” said the Speaker on Sunday. “It was the Republican reaction to it which was disgraceful.”

The current House Speaker told CNN that GOP leaders feared the Trump-aligned wing of the Republican base so much that they even feared distancing themselves from the conspiracies and mockery that right-wing figures trafficked in after the attack.

Over the weekend the Democrats kept hold of the Senate, repelling Republicans, after senator Catherine Cortez Masto secured a victory in Nevada.

Her win reflected the surprising strength of Democrats across the midterms as the party secured the 50 seats required to retain the majority in the upper chamber.

Seeking reelection in an economically challenged state that has some of the highest gas prices in the nation, Ms Cortez Masto was considered the senate’s most vulnerable member, adding to the frustration of Republicans who were confident she could be defeated.

“We got a lot done and we’ll do a lot more for the American people,” Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer said.

“The American people rejected — soundly rejected — the anti-democratic, authoritarian, nasty and divisive direction the MAGA Republicans wanted to take our country.”

President Joe Biden said he felt “good” about the election results and was “looking forward to the next couple of years”.

With the results in Nevada now decided, Georgia is the only state where both parties are still competing for a senate seat.

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Election Day saw few major problems, despite new voting laws

Heading into this year’s midterms, voting rights groups were concerned that restrictions in Republican-leaning states triggered by false claims surrounding the 2020 election might jeopardize access to the ballot box for scores of voters.

Those worries did not appear to come true. There have been no widespread reports of voters being turned away at the polls, and turnout, while down from the last midterm cycle four years ago, appeared robust in Georgia, a state with hotly competitive contests for governor and U.S. Senate.

The lack of broad disenfranchisement isn’t necessarily a sign that everyone who wanted to vote could; there’s no good way to tell why certain voters didn’t cast a ballot.

Voter advocacy groups promoted voter education campaigns and modified voting strategies as a way to reduce confusion and get as many voters to cast a ballot as possible.

“We in the voting rights community in Texas were fearing the worst,” said Anthony Gutierrez, director of Common Cause Texas, on Wednesday. “For the most part, it didn’t happen.”

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