Midterm elections 2022 latest: Fetterman trails in Pennsylvania as polls look bleak for Democrats

Key moments from Pennsylvania Senate debate

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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was captured on a hot mic telling President Joe Biden that John Fetterman’s performance in the Pennslyvania Senate debate “didn’t hurt us too much”.

However, a new poll shows Mr Fetterman now trailing Republican opponent Mehmet Oz in a new poll released after the pair’s sole debate earlier this week.

Mr Fetterman since has addressed the impact that the stroke he suffered this year had on his performance at this week’s debate with Dr Oz, an event where he appeared to struggle at times when answering questions from the moderators.

“Knew it wasn’t going to be easy after having a stroke after five months,” he told a crowd in Pittsburgh. “In fact, I don’t think it has ever been done before in American political history actually. You know, after that stroke, I got knocked down, but I got back up.”

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Kathy Hochul spokesperson slams New York Post as hacked account posts vile tweets

A spokesperson for New York Governor Kathy Hochul has slammed the New York Post after the paper was hacked and a series of vile headlines and tweets were posted on the outlet’s site and Twitter account.

Oliver O’Connell28 October 2022 06:30


Mark Ruffalo invokes his own brain tumour to back John Fetterman

Actor Mark Ruffalo is drawing on his own personal experience to voice his support for John Fetterman in the Pennsylvania Senate race.

Oliver O’Connell28 October 2022 04:30


Voices: JD Vance wouldn’t know what to say to a real Appalachian like me

Skyler Baker-Jordan explains why Ohio deserves better.

Oliver O’Connell28 October 2022 03:30


Ronna McDaniel mocks how Joe Biden and John Fetterman speak

Ms McDaniel’s disparaging comments came after host Hugh Hewitt brought up that Mr Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are scheduled to appear with Mr Fetterman in Philadelphia on Friday.

Abe Asher reports on her comments.

Oliver O’Connell28 October 2022 02:30


Emails reveal Justice Thomas and DeSantis met day before Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade

A government accountability group has revealed that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis met with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas the day before the Supreme Court announced its ruling that overturned Roe v Wade.

The organisation, American Oversight, made a Freedom of Information Act request for Supreme Court emails with the Republican governor and potential 2024 presidential candidate’s office.

Eric Garcia has the story.

Oliver O’Connell28 October 2022 01:30


Schumer caught on hot mic with Biden discussing John Fetterman debate

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was captured on a hot mic telling President Joe Biden that John Fetterman’s performance in the Pennslyvania Senate debate “didn’t hurt us too much”.

Oliver O’Connell28 October 2022 00:30


Analysis: Do early voting numbers offer a glimmer of hope for Democrats in midterms?

Democrats are currently outpacing Republicans in early voting in the states that could decide control of the senate, early voting expert Michael McDonald tells Richard Hall.

Oliver O’Connell27 October 2022 23:30


Dr Oz taking the lead against John Fetterman in Pennsylvania Senate race, poll says

The first poll conducted after the sole debate for Pennsylvania’s Senate seat shows Republican Mehmet Oz with his first lead against Democratic Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman.

InsiderAdvantage surveyed 750 likely voters on 26 October, the day after the debate between the former television host and physician and Mr Fetterman. The poll has a 3.58 margin of error.

Eric Garcia has the details.

Oliver O’Connell27 October 2022 22:46


Scientific study: Americans die younger in states run by conservatives

Americans are dying younger in states run by conservatives compared to those governed by liberals, scientists from several universities have found.

The authors of a new study write that “simulations indicate that changing all policy domains in all states to a fully liberal orientation might have saved 171,030 lives in 2019, while changing them to a fully conservative orientation might have cost 217,635 lives”.

Oliver O’Connell27 October 2022 22:30


Biden: GOP hoping for recession

Highlighting the economic achievements of his administration, President Joe Biden told a crowd in Syracuse that the country lost over 180,000 manufacturing jobs under his predecessor after a string of broken promises in states including Wisconsin, Indiana, and Ohio.

He added that even though his Republican friends in Congress appear to be hoping for a recession, the economy is actually growing.

Mr Biden closed out his comments by saying he had never been more optimistic.

Oliver O’Connell27 October 2022 21:53

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