New Star Wars movie will be a standalone taking place after The Rise of Skywalker

The other day news reached us from the farthest corners of the galaxy that Damon Lindelof was working on a brand new Star Wars film that would be directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy (Ms. Marvel). Now, like the mists clearing over Planet Naboo, we have more details on who will be writing the film alongside Lindelof, and a better idea of where it will take place. 

Among the many details The Hollywood Reporter were able to mine about the secret project was the fact that The Leftovers scribe Lindelof will be writing the new Star Wars script with Justin Britt-Gibson, who worked as an executive story editor on Guillermo del Toro’s vampire show, The Strain, as well as writing episodes of  J.K. Simmons drama The Counterpart.

However, plans for the film were also formed in a writing room that included Patrick Somerville (The Leftovers), Rayna McClendon (Obi-Wan, Willow), Andy Greenwald (Briarpatch), and overlord of all things Disney+ Dave Filoni (The Mandalorian, Ashoka).

According to sources, the film is intended to be a standalone Star Wars movie that will potentially bringing back some characters from the 2010s films, and that the story would take place after the events of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, but it would not be a continuation of the Skywalker Saga or that story. 

All of these details feel a lot more thought out and streamlined than the litany of Star Wars movies with their head in the clouds above Bespin, floating in development purgatory, such as Rian Johnson’s proposed trilogy, Taika Waititi’s solo-outing, a Kevin Feige-produced film and Patty Jenkins’ Rogue Squadron.

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