Nick Oliveri Reveals Queens Of The Stone Age Departure “Took Some Time To Heal”

According to Blabbermouth, former Queens Of The Stone Age bassist Nick Oliveri recently opened up about his departure from the band in 2004. In an interview with Eonmusic, Oliveri revealed that his firing was quite difficult for him to cope with but that his relationship with frontman John Homme has since healed and improved.

“Unfortunately it’s one of those things where, it used to bother me a lot, but it doesn’t anymore. It took some time to heal over some things, and for him too,” Oliveri offered during the interview. 

Discussing what lead to the breakup, Oliveri explained that tensions had risen as the band became more productive. They had released 2000’s Rated R and 2002’s Songs For The Deaf nearly back to back, creating quite a busy schedule for the rockers. 

“We did so much in a five-year period, in a concentrated period, so much work, that we kind of burned out on each other,” Oliveri admitted. He also commented that Homme had wanted to take the band in a different musical direction. 

Overall, their personal relationship with one another has only grown. Oliveri said that the last time he saw Homme was when they attended Mark Lanegan’s funeral alongside their bandmates. He was also invited to contribute to Queens Of The Stone Age’s 2013 classic “If I Had A Tail” from their sixth studio album …Like Clockwork. Oliveri recently released his new band Stoner’s sophomore studio album Totally… to critical acclaim.


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