Nicole Kidman will continue to make heartbreak feel good in a place like this

Anyone who has gone to an AMC thearer in the past year has seen the promo video featuring Nicole Kidman welcoming viewers to the cinema. It’s been meme’d and laughed at, but AMC wants more Kidman staring at the screen in its future.

During a recent earnings call, AMC Entertainment chairman and CEO Adam Aron announced that Kidman’s contract as the spokesperson for the theater chain would continue for another year. The agreement was partly picked up due to the response to her first ad for the company.

In the ad titled ‘AMC Theatres, We Make Movies Better,’ Kidman claims, “we come to this place for magic. We come to AMC Theatres to laugh, to cry, to care because we need that, all of us. That indescribable feeling we get when the lights begin to dim, and we go somewhere we’ve never been before. Not just entertained but somehow reborn together.” She continues, in her earnest yet cheesy delivery, “Dazzling images on a huge silver screen. Sound that I can feel. Somehow, heartbreak feels good in a place like this. Our heroes feel like the best part of us, and stories feel perfect and powerful because here they are.”

Thankfully, the actress is aware of the chatter concerning her commercial. She told GQ in March 2022. “I can’t tell you why it worked or why it’s gone viral..but what I can tell you is that the reaction is a direct result of the amount of people going back to theaters to enjoy the movies. And that is exciting.”

Check out the AMC commercial below…


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