Russia-Ukraine news today – live: Air raid sirens in Kyiv as Putin strikes more civilian targets

Moment Russian missile hits pedestrian bridge in Kyiv

Air raid sirens rung across Ukraine this morning as officials anticipated a second day of missile strikes by an increasingly aggressive Russia.

Bombs rained on Zaporizhzhia around dawn, with missiles hitting an educational building, a medical facility and apartment building,s according to the council head in the Dnieper river city that has seen dozens killed in recent Russian attacks.

Officials said Monday’s wave of strikes killed at least 19 and wounded 9 as Russian missiles tore into intersections, parks and tourist sites.

Volodymyr Zelensky told Ukrainians that the “world is with us” in the fight against Russia as he prepares to call for air defence support from G7 leaders at an emergency digital meeting called in response to the resurgent Russian bombing campaign.

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Russian hawks demand more air strikes on Ukraine

Kremlin supporters cheered Moscow’s bombing raids in Ukraine yesterday.

Many argued that Vladimir Putin should keep up the intensity of Monday’s missile strikes in order to win the war now.

Mr Putin said the military was acting in response to what he called Kyiv’s “terrorist” actions targeting a key Crimean bridge and vowed a “tough” and “proportionate” response should Ukraine carry out further attacks that threaten Russia’s security.

“Here comes the response,” Margarita Simonyan, head of the state-funded RT television, tweeted on Monday after the attacks. “The Crimean bridge was that very red line from the very beginning.”

The strongman leader of Chechnya, a Russian region in the North Caucasus, Ramzan Kadyrov said he is now “100 per cent happy” with how the Kremlin’s “special military operation” is going. He was among the most ardent proponents of “more drastic measures” in Ukraine, even calling for using low-yield nuclear weapons.

The Moscow-installed governor of Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov, described the strikes as “good news.”

He stressed that “had such actions to destroy the enemy’s infrastructure been taken every day, then we would have finished everything in May and the Kyiv regime would have been defeated.” “I hope that now the pace of the operation will not slow down.”

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Map shows cities hit by Russian strikes

This map shows the locations where Russian missiles struck Ukrainian territory yesterday, killing at least 19.

The wave of strikes was Russia’s biggest since the early days of the war and cities that had not seen attacks in months, including Ukraine’s capital, were hit.

This map shows the locations where Russian missiles struck Ukrainian territory


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All of Ukraine on alert for Russian bombings

Emergency services put all Ukraine on alert for more missile strikes this morning, a day after heavy Russian attacks.

“Warning. During the day there’s a high probability of missile strikes on the territory of Ukraine. Please remain in shelters for your own safety, do not ignore air raid signals,” the State Emergency Service said on the Telegram messaging app.

The emergency service also said 19 people had been killed and 105 wounded in Monday’s missile strikes.

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Russia fires on civilian targets for second day

Russian missiles hit an educational building, a medical facility and apartment buildings in Zaporizhzhia this morning, causing an unknown number of casualties, the city council leader said.

The strikes were the latest in a resurgent bombing campaign by an increasingly aggressive Kremlin that saw at least 19 killed across Ukraine yesterday as civilian areas of several cities were hit.

Zaporizhzhia has been the target of intensive bombing, with at least 13 people killed in a strike on Sunday.

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Monday missile strikes death toll rises to 19, over a hundred injured

The death toll from Monday’s missile strikes on Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities rose to 19 this morning, Ukraine’s state emergency service said today.

A total of 105 people have been injured, officials said in their updated information on total casualties from Russia’s missile strikes in the rush hour yesterday across Ukraine.

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Missile victims include civilians who fled frontline to start new life

The young siblings had fled their home near the frontline after barely escaping with their lives, and resettled with a new family in Slovyansk, where they should have been safer.

Kateryna, 25, was killed along with two members of her adoptive family, the Sudovas, when a missile struck their home in the early hours of Monday. Her brother, Ruslan, 12, survived but was seriously injured.

It was one of a wave of missile attacks deep into Ukraine launched by Vladimir Putin on Monday in revenge for the blown bridge in Crimea and the humiliation that had been inflicted on the Kremlin.

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New Russian commander to face increasingly factional Russian MoD, says UK

Britain has said the newly appointed commander of Russia’s joint group of forces for monitoring the war in Ukraine will see hiccups from Moscow’s “poorly resourced” defence ministry.

General Sergei Surovikin has previously commanded the Russian Aerospace Forces and, more recently, the Southern Grouping of Forces on operations in Ukraine, the latest intelligence update said.

“For much of its operation, Russia has likely lacked a single empowered field commander,” it added.

The British defence ministry also pointed out that General Alexandr Dvornikov likely held the role for a period between April and August 2022.

However, it is unclear whether he was able to “effectively exercise control over the often disparate and competing groupings of forces,” the MoD said.

“Surovikin’ s appointment likely reflects an effort by the Russian national security community to improve the delivery of the operation,” it claimed.

“However, he will likely have to contest with an increasingly factional Russian MoD which is poorly resourced to achieve the political objectives it has been set in Ukraine,” the ministry said.

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Putin is gambling that the West will abandon Ukraine – we won’t

Vladimir Putin wants to intimidate Ukrainian leaders, terrorise civilians and further destroy Ukrainian cultural identity by taking out museums.

It is clear from The wrath of Putin”, some call the Russian strikes on multiple cities, including central Kyiv, which are plainly acts of retaliation for the attack on the Russia-Crimea Kerch bridge on Saturday.

But most of all, the attack on Kyiv will merely strengthen the resolve of the Ukrainian people to fight on. Their resistance to the invaders has awed the world. It was especially impressive in the early stages of the conflict, before sanctions and Western military assistance began to take their toll on Mr Putin’s poorly equipped and badly led troops.

President Putin is gambling that, eventually, Western democracies will cave in and accept at least the status quo – and thus abandon Ukraine. Unfortunately for him, there are signs that the Russian people and elements in the Russian government and military will abandon him first.

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Russia to respond to rising Western involvement in Ukraine war – report

Moscow will respond to west’s growing involvement in the Ukrainian conflict even though direct conflict with the US and Nato is not in Russia’s interest, Russian deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov said today.

“We warn and hope that they realise the danger of uncontrolled escalation in Washington and other Western capitals,” Mr Ryabkov said, reported RIA news agency.

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Russians starting to see Putin has misjudged Ukraine war, says UK spy chief

Ordinary Russian citizens are starting to see that Vladimir Putin misjudged his invasion of Ukraine, the head of the UK’s spy agency is expected to say in his speech today.

Sir Jeremy Fleming – director of the intelligence, cyber and security agency GCHQ – is likely to state that Russians are feeling the consequences of Mr Putin’s “war of choice”.

At the annual Royal United Services Institute security lecture, Sir Jeremy is expected to say: “They’re [Russian citizens] seeing just how badly Putin has misjudged the situation.

“They’re fleeing the draft, realising they can no longer travel. They know their access to modern technologies and external influences will be drastically restricted.

“And they are feeling the extent of the dreadful human cost of his war of choice.”

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