Saskatchewan stabbing suspect Damien Sanderson

One of the men suspected to be behind a spree of stabbings in Saskatchewan, Canada that killed 10 people and injured at least 19 has been found dead, Canadian authorities say.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said on Monday that officers had discovered the body of Damien Sanderson, 31, in a grassy field somewhere in the James Smith Cree Nation, according to Reuters and multiple other outlets.

His brother and fellow suspect Myles Sanderson, 30, remains at large but “may have sustained injures” and may be seeking medical attention, Saskatchewan RCMP commander Rhonda Blackmore said.

Both men have been charged with murder after a stabbing rampage that tore through the remote, rural indegenous community in the far north of Canada’s central plains.

Ms Blackmore gave scant details of where and how Damien Sanderson had been killed, saying only: “His body was located outdoors in a heavily grassed area in proximity to a house that was being examined.

“We can confirm he has visible injuries. These injuries are not believed to be self inflicted at this point.”

Although the body was found near where the stabbings occurred, authorities said Myles Sanderson was now believed to be on the run near the province capital of Regina, about 200 miles south.

He is described as six feet, one inches tall and weighing about 200 lbs, with black hair and brown eyes. He and his brother were previously thought to be driving a stolen black Nissan Rogue SUV, but police said on Monday that they may have switched vehicles.

Little is known about the suspects’ motives. Ms Blackmore said on Monday that Myles Sanderson has a criminal record that “dates back years and includes violence”, whereas the chief of the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations claimed the stabbing was related to “harmful illegal drugs [that] invade our communities”.

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