Saskatchewan stabbings – latest: Second brother captured after days on run following mass stabbings

10 dead and 18 injured in mass stabbings across Saskatchewan, Canada

Myles Sanderson, a suspect in the stabbing spree that killed 10 and wounded 18 people across rural Canada over the weekend, has been arrested.

Officials say that the 30-year-old was captured around 3.30pm CST on Wednesday near the town of Rosthern, Saskatchewan.

“There is no longer a risk to public safety relating to this investigation,” said the RCMP Saskatchewan.

Earlier Royal Canadian Mounted Police released the names of the 10 people who were killed during the Saskatchewan stabbings on Sunday as the manhunt for Myles Sanderson enters its fourth day.

The individuals who died ranged in age from 23 to 78 and they include: Thomas Burns, Carol Burns, Gregory Burns, Lydia Gloria Burns, Bonnie Burns, Earl Burns, Lana Head, Christian Head, and Robert Sanderson of the James Smith Cree Nation and Wesley Petterson of Weldon.

Police said Tuesday they no longer believe the wanted suspect is in the province’s capital of Regina.

“Today we received information that was leading us to believe he may no longer be in this community,” said Regina Police Chief Evan Bray.

One day earlier, Damien Sanderson, 31, the second suspect and brother of Myles, was found dead from wounds that did not appear to be self-inflicted, police said.

His body was recovered in a heavily grassed area of the James Smith Cree Nation near a house that police were examining.

Both men were named by police in connection with the violence that left 10 people dead and another 18 wounded in a stabbing spree across 13 locations throughout the province of Saskatchewan, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

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Saskatchewan stabbings suspects: Everything we know about Damien and Myles Sanderson in the deadly attack

Two men are suspected to have carried out a spate of stabbings across Saskatchewan in one of the deadliest mass killings in Canada’s history.

At 5.40am on Sunday, Royal Canadian Mounted Police in northern Saskatchewan received multiple 911 calls about reported stabbings taking place across the James Smith Cree Nation, a First Nation composed of three communities which is located about 300km north of the province’s capital of Regina.

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Saskatchewan stabbing suspect Myles Sanderson in police custody

Myles Sanderson, a suspect in the stabbing spree that killed 10 and wounded 18 people across rural Canada over the weekend, has been arrested, the CBC reports.

The 30-year-old was apprehended around 3.30pm CST on Wednesday near the town of Rosthern, Saskatchewan.

Josh Marcus has the story.

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ICYMI: Myles Sanderson had 59 criminal convictions and was released by a parole board 7 months before the deadly attacks

Myles Sanderson, 30, had reportedly racked up 59 criminal convictions after turning 18, parole board records show.

In February 2022, a Parole Board of Canada found that Myles Sanderson would “not present an undue risk,” and freeing him would “contribute to the protection of society” by facilitating his reintegration, Global News reported.

“The Board is satisfied that your risk is manageable in the community, if you live with your [blacked out] maintain sobriety and employment, and continue with developing supports, including getting therapy,” the board wrote, according to documents obtained by the national news broadcaster.

The Minister of Public Safety told reporters in Vancouver that review of that decision would be conducted, noting that the “process for a review begins there, but it certainly does not end at that point.”

“I am assured that the Parole Board of Canada will be undertaking an investigation of the decision,” Marco Mendicino told reporters in Vancouver.

Read more about Myles Sanderson’s lengthy criminal record with The Independent below:

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First Nations organisation warns of racist content with ‘hate speech’ circulating online in wake of Saskatchewan stabbing attacks

The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations issued a statement this week after a series of racist videos and comments began circulating online that featured what the Saskatchewan-based organisation described as “hate speech” against Indigenous people.

APTN first reported on a video that was being shared on TikTok, which showed a man citing the recent stabbings attack in northern Saskatchewan saying: “If you won’t say it I will, long live Gerald Stanley,” the man in the video said. “Shoot, shovel, shut up.”

The apparent reference that the man in the video was making was to a 2016 incident where a farmer named Gerald Stanely shot and killed an Indigenous man, named Colten Boushie, on his farm near Biggar, Saskatchewan. Boushie, who was 22 years old and was from Red Pheasant Cree Nation, died while Mr Stanley was later acquitted.

“So many of our First Nations families, allies and Canadians have stood in solidarity with us during this past day and a half. We appreciate your prayers and condolences on the horrific events that have unravelled and ask for your assistance,” wrote the FSIN in a statement.

“Racism and promoting hate speech on social media is a criminal act and won’t be tolerated. Please be advised that FSIN is calling for NRZIGS to be charged with hate speech and his employer, Ellard Farms will be contacted.”

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Names, photos released of the victims killed during the stabbing attack

On Wednesday morning, Saskatchewan RCMP released the names of all the victims killed in the brazen Sunday morning attacks, noting that they represented a mix of those chosen at random and some specifically targeted.

The individuals who died ranged in age from 23 to 78 and they include: Thomas Burns, Carol Burns, Gregory Burns, Lydia Gloria Burns, Bonnie Burns, Earl Burns, Lana Head, Christian Head, and Robert Sanderson of the James Smith Cree Nation, and Wesley Petterson of Weldon.

Read more about each of the people who died on Sunday and their stories here with The Independent:

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‘They actually died protecting their family’: Relative describes victims of Saskatchewan stabbing as ‘heroes’

The “matriarch” of the Burns family, Bonnie Goodvoice Burns, and her son, Gregory “Jonesy” Burns, died as “heroes” on Sunday after a series of stabbing attacks in northern Saskatchewan on Sunday left 10 people dead.

“They actually died protecting their family,” said the brother of the 48-year-old mother and the uncle of the 28-year-old man, who he said he found side-by-side in the driveway of their family home on James Smith Cree Nation on Sunday.

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GoFundMe organised for mother, son killed in Saskatchewan stabbing attacks

Mark Arcand, the brother of Bonnie “Goodvoice” Burns, 48, said during a press conference on Wednesday that a GoFundMe was being created for his sister and his nephew, Gregory “Jonesy” Burns, 28, after the mother and son were both killed on Sunday during an abhorrent stabbing attack in northern Saskatchewan.

“In the early morning hours on September 4, 2022, Bonnie Burns and her 28 year old son, Gregory, had their lives taken in a senseless act of violence at their home on the James Smith Cree Nation,” organiser Shelley Arcand wrote.

“Nothing anyone can do will bring Bonnie and Gregory back but we would like to lessen the financial burden on the surviving family members as they try to move forward. Any funds raised will go towards Brian and their boys for specialized counselling and ongoing support as they navigate this tragic situation,” it added.

The online fundraiser has a goal of $50,000 and within just a couple hours of being live it had already raised more than $5,000.

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‘Words can’t express the pain that we’re feeling’: Family members announce opening of GoFundMe for surviving victims

Bonnie “Goodvoice” Burns, 48, and Gregory Burns, 28, died side-by-side, “in their own home, their yard, that’s what we know,” said the brother of the 48-year-old in a press conference on Wednesday.

A third woman, later identified as Lydia “Gloria” Burns, 61, arrived at the scene early in the morning after receiving a call from Bonnie. Her body was found beside the mother and son in the driveway of the family home on James Smith Cree Nation.

Bonnie had three other sons, one of whom, 13-year-old Dayson, was stabbed in the neck as he attempted to help his mother and older brother, the relative said during the press conference.

The other two boys were inside the family home.

“These two young boys, woke up to screaming, not being able to help … one of the young boys was hiding behind a high chair, watching everything unfold,” he said, describing the trauma that unfolded in the family home that Sunday morning.

Gregory, who has two children of his own and one on the way, his uncle said,

At the end of the press conference, the relative described how the three surviving sons and their family will require all the help they can get to continue in their healing journey.

The relative announced that they’d be opening a GoFundMe for the Burns family, which they will provide a link for in the coming days.

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‘We’re hurtin. We’re broken but we’re not defeated’: Family members share memories of victim killed in attack

The relative of Bonnie Burns discussed how “the most important thing for Bonnie was family,” noting how his sister had recently celebrating milestones, such as being sober for 15 years of her life. “Those are the things we want to remember.”

“She was a member who made a difference in people’s lives,” he said remembering her home that was filled with love and care. “And the children always came first.”

Gregory, known in his family as “Jonesy”, was a great kid, his uncle remembered.

“He worked in the community, he built houses, he did whatever he could to help his mom and dad and take care of his three brothers. And those are the things we want people to recognise and remember.”

“That mountain is the devastation of what happened to our family member and what its gonna take to heal from senseless acts as this that happened to our community our family our province and our country,” said the relative.

Family members of Bonnie ‘Goodvoice’ Burns hold a press conference to discuss the memories of Burns, who died on Sunday during the stabbing attacks, and her son, 28-year-old Gregory Burns

(Saskatoon Tribal Council Press Conferece/CBC)

“When I think about what the future looks like my sister my family members they’d want us to move on to heal but to never forget. To carry love in your heart. Carry compassion, to be united, to think of other people.”

“We’ve shed a lot of tears in the last couple days. But at the end of the day, we loved our sister, Brian’s wife, Chuck’s daughter, our niece our nephew … and they loved us too. That’s what we want people to remember.

“We’re hurtin. We’re broken, but we’re not defeated.”

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‘We don’t want this to be glorified’: Family members speak out during press conference

The half-brother of one of the victims said during a press conference on Wednesday afternoon that he would like to address his relative’s death, Bonnie “Goodvoice” Burns.

“A lot of people out there wondering what happened. Well honestly we don’t know,” said the relative, who asked not to be identified by his name during the press conference.

He was joined on a panel by Bonnie’s husband, Brian Burns, and his three surviving sons in the audience.

“I was at the scene on Sunday,” he said, noting that they would discuss some of those details in the presser and that some of those details “will be a little harsh to here, we’re gonna speak the truth.”

“She’s not a victim, she’s a hero,” he said.

“That’s what we want people to remember … how she made people laugh, at kids birthdays, at weddings, at celebrations,” said the relative.

Watch the live conference here.

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