Skeletal remains found inside backyard barbecue pit in Houston, police say

An investigation is underway after skeletal remains were found inside a backyard barbecue pit in Houston, Texas, according to police.

Officials say that the remains were discovered by someone who told police they had been working at the property in the southeastern part of the Texas city.

The witness left the home on Tuesday afternoon and called 911, HPD Sgt. William Dunn told the KHOU11 TV station.

Investigators obtained a search warrant and entered the property’s yard on Tuesday evening.

“I would say this is pretty uncommon,” Sgt Dunn told the station. “It’s not our typical case.”

He described the barbecue as a custom pit built out of brick, and that officers had found what appeared to be a full adult skeleton inside it.

“It’s a full skeleton with a skull. I don’t know if any bones are missing, but it appears to be a full skeleton,” he told ABC13.

And he said that the skeleton appeared to have been in place for some time.

“The barbecue pit doesn’t look too disturbed. So, it looks like it’s been a while,” he added.

Authorities say that a family with children lives at the home and have been questioned about the discovery.

An autopsy will now be carried out by the Medical Examiner to determine a cause of death and to try and identify the remains.

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