stanbul explosion today: At least four killed and 38 injured in city centre blast

Pedestrians run away after deadly explosion rocks street in Istanbul

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At least four people have been killed and 38 injured in an explosion on a popular pedestrian street in Istanbul.

This was the initial death toll from the blast on the busy Istiklal Avenue, according to the city’s governor.

Ali Yerlikaya said the explosion struck at 4.20pm local time (1.20pm GMT).

The cause of the explosion was not immediately clear.

A video posted online showed flames erupting and a loud bang, as pedestrians turned and ran away. Other footage showed ambulances, fire trucks and police at the scene.

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Death toll rises to six

Istanbul’s governor says the death toll has increased to six and number injured to 53:

Zoe Tidman13 November 2022 15:29


‘I was petrified,’ witness says

A witness has described his fear when the explosion hit in central Istanbul.

“When I heard the explosion, I was petrified, people froze, looking at each other. Then people started running away. What else can you do,” s5-year-old Mehmet Akus, who works in a restaurant on Istiklal, said.

He added: “My relatives called me, they know I work on Istiklal.”

Zoe Tidman13 November 2022 15:18


Pakistan’s president shares condolences

The president of Pakistan said he learned about the explosion with “deep anguish” as he shared his condolences:

Zoe Tidman13 November 2022 15:14


Images from

Here are some images from Istiklal Avenue:

Emergency services rushed to Istiklal Avenue


The deadly blast struck on Istiklal Avenue


At least four have been killed in the explosion, according to initial reports


Zoe Tidman13 November 2022 15:03


At least four killed and 38 injured, governor says

Initial reports suggest at least four people have been killed and 38 injured in the blast, Istanbul’s governor now says:

Zoe Tidman13 November 2022 14:50


Temporary broadcast ban on explosion

Turkey’s media watchdog imposed a temporary media ban on reporting of the explosion, which means broadcasters cannot show videos of the moment of the blast or its aftermath.

The Supreme Board of Radio and Television has imposed similar bans in the past, following attacks, accidents and some political issues.

Zoe Tidman13 November 2022 14:48


Witness says sound was ‘like building collapsing’

Borzou Daragahi has spoken to someone who witnessed the blast on Istiklal Avenue.

They likened the sound to that of a building collapsing and saw panicked pedestrians streamed down his side street.

Zoe Tidman13 November 2022 14:40


View from scene of explosion

Our international correspondent Borzou Daragahi is at the scene in Istanbul.

He saw emergency services running down the street:

Emergency services were at the scene in Istanbul

(Borzou Daragahi)

Zoe Tidman13 November 2022 14:32


Istanbul governor confirms deaths and injuries from blast

Istanbul’s governor says the blast took place at 4.20pm local time (1.20pm GMT) on Istiklal Street.

He said there were deaths and injuries, but did not say how many:

Zoe Tidman13 November 2022 14:27


BREAKING: Deadly explosion hits busy pedestrian street in Istanbul

Zoe Tidman13 November 2022 14:22

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