Sydney Sweeney teams with Brad Fuller for The Registration

Deadline is reporting that Euphoria and The White Lotus star Sydney Sweeney is teaming with producer Brad Fuller for The Registration.

Based on the upcoming novel by Madison Lawson and scripted by Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski (The Night House), the film will be produced by Fuller’s Fuller Media Brand and Sweeney’s recently formed Fifty-Fifty Films, while Sweeney will also take on the lead role. 

The synopsis for Lawson’s novel, set for publication later this month, reads:

Imagine it’s legal to commit one murder in your lifetime?if you Register the victim and accomplish the kill within fourteen days. So when Lynell Mize stands in line to Register the man who abused her as a child, she’s shocked to hear a stranger Register her to be killed. Why would anyone who doesn’t know her squander his one legal murder on her? Desperate to survive the next two weeks, she must find out who wants to kill her?and why.

Easier said than done as Lynell soon discovers that multiple strangers have used their Registration on her. Along the way, she reunites with her estranged husband who is determined to dig up a past Lynell prefers to keep buried. With only days left to live, Lynell is determined to uncover the truth and survive a destiny not of her choosing.

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Sydney Sweeney has found herself in high demand coming off her Emmy-nominated TV roles; she is currently shooting Sony’s Marvel movie Madame Web alongside Dakota Johnson, Isabel Merced and Emma Roberts, while her other upcoming feature films include National Anthem and a drama based upon whistleblower Reality Winner.


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