The Attack sets 2023 theatrical release

In news coming out of the American Film Market, Vertical Entertainment has secured the global distribution rights to the sci-fi action adventure film War of the Worlds: The Attack with plans for a theatrical release in 2023.

Directed by Junaid Syed, who co-writes with FM’s own Tom Jolliffe, the film “follows three young astronomers tracking a meteorite that crashes into earth who discover they are at the epicentre of a Martian invasion. A soldier helps the trio and they end up in London where they must find a way to save mankind.”

“The idea was to create a modernised version of H.G Wells’ War Of The Worlds while honouring and trying to stay as close to the original story as possible,” said Syed. “It has nostalgic elements for the grown-ups and, at the same time, fresh storylines making it relatable for the younger audiences.”

“We have a great track record with the thriller and sci-fi genres, so we are thrilled to have both in Junaid’s film which is a great, modern take on HG Wells’ classic,” added Tony Piantedosi of Vertical. “We feel audiences will eat it up when we release the film next year.”

Featuring in the cast of War of the Worlds: The Attack are Sam Gittins, Vincent Regan, Alhaji Fofana, Lara Lemon and Leo Staar.

Via Screen Daily


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