The Chant Alchemist guide: Make the perfect mixture

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The Chant is available now and one of its late-game puzzles involves dissolving some plants in your way. This guide will help you do that with efficiency, earning the Alchemist Acheivement/Trophy as well.

First, the secret Alchemist Achievement or Trophy requires you to do the following: “Completed the Alchemical Plant Puzzle without making Alchemical Mulch” within Chapter 5. That means you’ll need to create a chemical mixture without mistakes.

Hannah will give you a document that details what’s needed, and the key is to find the matching symbols to drive your work. We’ll make it easy for you though, below.

The mixture is made from Glowing Crystal Powder and Corrosive Mix, and requires the following:

Glowing Crystal Powder

You’re looking for two specific plants to mix together, as follows:

Plant 1 (Crystalline Alchemical Plant): It’s the skeletal thing in the same room you picked up the farmstead key.
Plant 2 (Glowing Alchemical Plant): Go back to the front door of the greenhouse (that you first walked in); it’s to the right.

Plant 1 (Crystalline Alchemical Plant)

Plant 2 (Glowing Alchemical Plant)

Corrosive Mix

You’ll then need a second set of plants, as follows:

Plant 1 (Toxic Dripping Alchemical Plant): This is in the room that leads to the barred room with the farmstead key. When you’re there, you’ll be standing right in front of Hannah
Plant 2 (Odorous Yellow Alchemical Plant): This is directly behind the pumping mechanism (or looking at Hannah, to the right)

Plant 1 (Toxic Dripping Alchemical Plant)

Plant 2 (Odorous Yellow Alchemical Plant)

Combine the two mixtures together without making mistakes — or any mulch — and the Achievement or Trophy is yours. Voila!

The Chant is available now on Windows PC, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PS5; we reviewed it here.

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