The war of angels comes to Earth in The Devil Conspiracy trailer

Samuel Goldwyn Films has released a poster and trailer for director Nathan Frankowski’s upcoming horror The Devil Conspiracy.

The film sees the Archangel Michael heading to Earth to put a stop to a cult using their position at a powerful biotech company to attempt to clone Jesus, using his DNA from the Shroud of Turin, to serve as the ultimate offering to Satan. Check it out below…

“The Devil Conspiracy examines a powerful biotech company that has breakthrough technology allowing them to clone history’s most influential people with just a few fragments of DNA. Behind this company is a cabal of Satanists that steals the shroud of Christ, putting them in possession of Jesus’ DNA. The clone will serve as the ultimate offering to the devil. Archangel Michael comes to Earth and stops at nothing to end the devil’s conspiracy.”

The Devil Conspiracy arrives in cinemas on January 13th.


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