Trump falls for fake Ivanka Trump Truth Social account

Donald Trump promoted an obviously fake anti-vaccine post attributed to his daughter Ivanka’s Truth Social account as he raged about the FBI and the Mar-a-Lago raid on Tuesday.

“Biden and his government are still trying to manipulate you with the useless vaccines. Don’t fall for his lies, it’s over,” the bogus post read, before going on to encourage followers to purchase an anti-vax book.

The post was one of dozens of “retruths”, memes and furious statements made by the former president on the social media platform overnight on Monday.

Mr Trump regurgitated many of his old grievances as he attacked the FBI agents who raided his home and pushed QAnon conspiracy theorists.

Donald Trump ‘retruthed’ an obviously fake post attributed to Ivanka Trump’s Truth Social account

(Truth Social)

Trump shares a QAnon meme of himself

(Truth Social)

Other highlights from Mr Trump’s recent meltdown included a call to reinstate him as president and a rant about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

In another post on Tuesday, Mr Trump wrote: “Why are people so mean?”

Legal experts say Mr Trump is increasing legal peril after the FBI found hundreds of classified documents at his private club during an 8 August search.

He has also reportedly struggled to hire experienced criminal attorneys to represent him.

Mr Trump previously took credit for the successful vaccine rollout, dubbed Operation Warpspeed.

But he appeared to back away from supporting vaccines after many of his anti-vax Maga supporters turned on him.

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