Two Minutes to Late Night Cover “This Charming Man” with Members of Thursday, My Chemical Romance, Pup and David Wain on Drums

Two Minutes to Late Night has continued their string of covers by covering The Smiths’ “This Charming Man”. The video, as posted on Two Minutes to Late Night’s YouTube channel, is a punk version of the classic 1984 rock version. The song features some big cameos – it’s a collaboration with Jordan “Gwarsenio Hall” Olds, Geoff Rickly (Thursday), Frank Iero (of My Chemical Romance), Nestor Chumak (Pup) and David Wain (writer and director of Wet Hot American Summer, who also shouted out the collab on his Twitter).

Also featured in the video are clips from films such as Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, 28 Days Later and Zardoz – all of which are interspersed with clips of the notable guest musicians. Some interjections play over the video as well; notably, the graphic “Morissey is bad” appears frequently throughout the video, while “So is James Corden” appears over a clip of the late night host being decked in the face. When compared to the original, this version is a much more suitably rebellious cover of the song for a punk-minded audience.

Two Minutes to Late Night has a history of song covers; just last month they covered Converge’s “The Broken Vow” alongside Botch’s Dave Knudsen and Dave Verellen.

Photo Credit: Raymond Flotat


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