Ukraine Russia war latest: Zelensky vows to keep pushing Putin’s forces out after Kherson retreat

Journalist welcomed by visibly emotional people in Kherson

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Volodymyr Zelensky has vowed to keep pushing Vladimir Putin’s forces out of Ukraine after Russian troops retreated from Kherson.

The Russian retreat from the city marked a triumphant milestone in Ukraine‘s pushback against Moscow’s invasion almost nine months ago. Kherson residents hugged and kissed the arriving Ukrainian troops in rapturous scenes.

In his nightly video address on Saturday, Mr Zelensky vowed there will be “many more such greetings” of Ukrainian soldiers liberating Russian-held territory.

He pledged to the people in Ukrainian cities and villages that are still under occupation: “We don’t forget anyone; we won’t leave anyone.”

Mr Zelensky said Russian forces had destroyed key infrastructure in Kherson before fleeing and pledged to “restore everything”.

Russia has declared a new “temporary capital” for the Kherson region after Ukrainian troops retook the city.

The state-owned Russian news ,Tass reported that Alexander Fomin, a member of the imposed administration in occupied Kherson, said that Henichesk was now the temporary administrative capital of Kherson.

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Russia will be ‘worried’ about loss of Kherson, UK defence secretary says

The UK’s defence secretary said Russia will be “worried” and “disappointed” by the loss of Kherson.

But Ben Wallace also said it was important not to “underestimate” Moscow and urged “caution” when considering the jubilant scenes on the streets of the liberated city.

“History will remind you that Russia can be brutal to their own. And if they need more cannon fodder, that is what they’ll be doing,” he told reporters in Westminster.

Ben Wallace says it is important not to ‘underestimate’ Russia (Ian Forsyth/PA)

(PA Wire)

Zoe Tidman13 November 2022 12:28


Lavrov lands in Bali for G20

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov arrived in Indonesia’s resort island of Bali on Sunday to lead his country’s delegation at the G20 Summit this week.

It’s the first G20 Summit since Russia invaded Ukraine in February.

Zoe Tidman13 November 2022 11:35


Russia ‘failing dramatically’ in Ukraine war, UK defence chief says

Russia is failing “dramatically” in its Ukraine war, according to the UK’s chief of the defence staff.

“We’re seeing a continued failure by Russia. We saw that at the outset. Russia wanted to take the cities, it failed,” Admiral Sir Tony Radakin told the BBC.

“Russia wanted to subjugate Ukraine, it’s failed, and it’s failing dramatically.”

He told the Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg programme: “Russia wanted to weaken Nato and Nato’s even stronger. Then if you come down to the tactical fight, we’re seeing continued success by Ukraine.”

Zoe Tidman13 November 2022 11:01


Zelensky vows to keep pushing Russian forces out of Ukraine

Ukraine’s president has vowed to keep pushing Russian forces out of his country after they withdrew from Kherson.

In his nightly video address on Saturday, Volodymyr Zelensky vowed there will be “many more such greetings” of Ukrainian soldiers liberating territory as seen in the southern city.

He pledged to the people in Ukrainian cities and villages that are still under occupation: “We don’t forget anyone; we won’t leave anyone.”

Zoe Tidman13 November 2022 10:29


Biden set to discuss Ukraine with China’s president

Joe Biden is set to meet China’s leader Xi Jinping tomorrow – the first time he will have done so since taking office.

Ukraine is set to be among the talking points. The US president plans to be “unapologetic” in his defence of the country, officials have said.

Zoe Tidman13 November 2022 10:01


West looking to ‘militarise’ southest Asia, Russian foreign minister claims

Russia’s foreign minister has accused the West of wanting to “militarise” southeast Asia in a bid to contain Russian and Chinese interests, setting the stage for a confrontation at the G20 summit in Bali.

Sergei Lavrov will head Russia’s delegation to the summit – the first such meeting since Moscow invaded Ukraine in February – after the Kremlin said Vladimir Putin was too busy to attend.

Speaking during a press conference at the conclusion of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit, he scolded the US over its actions in the region, which both Russia and the West see as a potential strategic geopolitical battleground in the coming decades.

“The United States and its NATO allies are trying to master this space,” he told reporters.

He claimed Joe Biden’s Indo-Pacific strategy would involve “the militarisation of this region” with a focus on containing China and Russian interests.

The US president told southeast Asian leaders that Washington was committed to building an Indo-Pacific that was “free and open, stable and prosperous, and resilient and secure”.

Sergei Lavrov has been at the the East Asia Summit

(AFP via Getty Images)

Additional reporting by Reuters

Zoe Tidman13 November 2022 09:30


Ukraine ‘liberated 74,000 sq km’ since war

A US think-tank says Ukraine has liberated more than 74,000 sq km of its territory since the war started.

Zoe Tidman13 November 2022 09:02


More than 80,800 Russian troops killed in invasion,Ukraine army claims

Ukraine’s armed forces has increased its death toll for Russian forces by 650, claiming more than 80,800 have now been killed since the start of the invasion.

Zoe Tidman13 November 2022 08:29


UK intelligence update on military training in Russian schools

The UK intelligence update on the war in Ukraine focuses on Russia’s move to restart military training in schools.

They tried to do this during the invasion of Crimea in 2014, but “the quality of Russian conscripts remains poor, with low morale and limited training”, the British defence ministry said.

“This training likely intends to prepare students with military skills as they approach conscription age and to increase the take-up for mobilisation and conscription drives,” it added.

“This initiative is also likely to be part of a wider project to instil an ideology of patriotism and trust in public institutions in the Russian population.”

Zoe Tidman13 November 2022 08:00


South Korea vows to step up help

South Korea’s president has vowed to expand humanitarian assistance for Ukraine as he condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a violation of international laws, his office said.

Yoon Suk-yeol was speaking at the East Asia Summit in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Zoe Tidman13 November 2022 07:29

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