Vision could be getting his own Disney+ series titled Vision Quest

No, Disney is not planning to reboot the 1985 Vision Quest, but rather Marvel Studios is looking to give the MCU’s Vision his own series and it could follow one of the character’s most iconic comic stories.

The story comes from Jeff Sneider and The Hot Mic podcast, where he claims that Marvel Studios is developing a new series titled Vision Quest, and Paul Bettany’s Vision is the central focus. Expect to see the White Vision version at the end of WandaVision, though the story could see Vision getting himself a new body if the .

As noted by Screen Rant, there’s a story that closely follows some what happened in WandaVision and could lead into the already-rumoured West Coast Avengers as well. In the story arc from a 1989 West Coast Avengers comic: Vision is “dismantled, his human brain patterns wiped out, his skin rendered chalk-white and essentially transforming him into more of a robotic being, as his memories would eventually be restored, though not his emotions. Vision Quest also saw him learn the truth about his children with the Scarlet Witch, as Wanda suffered a ‘hysterical pregnancy’ in which her powers projected into creating imaginary children, who were wiped from existence upon the truth being revealed.”

While there has been no official word on the project, Sneider reports that Marvel could open a writers’ room for the rumoured series as early as next week.


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