Sunday marks one year since 16-year-old Kiely Rodni went missing after a party in Nevada County.

– After a more than two-week search, an autopsy revealed that a body found in Prosser Reservoir was identified as Rodni.

– Days later, the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office said the body was “likely” Rodni’s.

In another photo, she had on three gold necklaces, the very ones from the night she went missing, her family was certain. joined Adventures with Purpose in a 2-hour search at Donner Lake, exploring potential spots where Rodni's car might have gone into the water.

We have weathered a storm of unfathomable force, and it is purely thanks to the army of warriors, matriarchs, healers, and helpers holding us up that we continue to stand today

– We have not had to look for helpers, as you have all come to our rescue in full force.